ROSE helps its clients manage their businesses and private property as well as organize family matters.

Family office

  • Family strategy
  • Family governance
  • Family management
  • Health management
  • Succession planning



  • Business strategie
  • Corporate Governance
  • Preparation of changes
  • Execution of changes
  • Retirement from management

Wealth & Transactions

  • Family wealth
  • Business wealth
  • Investment strategy
  • Reporting and Controlling
  • Comprehensive M&A services

Tax & Accounting

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  • Tax litigation
  • Transfer pricing
  • Accounting
  • Payroll administration


  • Establishment of structures
  • Administration of structures
  • Transactional documentation
  • Contract management
  • Dispute resolution


Family businesses grow over time and become stronger. It is not unusual for owners to gradually establish or buy other companies and assets and create a smaller or larger "business empire".

Rich businesses are often owned by relatively "poor" families whose lifestyle is perilously dependent on the well-being of the company.

Family businesses

The aim is to ensure that family businesses function even without the owner's or the family's involvement. Space for devising strategies for further development is created, as well as for finding and supporting new projects. This leads to more time for family, hobbies and philanthropy.

We usually begin working with our corporate clients when they realize that:

The founder no longer wishes to be involved in day-to-day operations, which he does not enjoy and sees as a burden, and instead wants to focus on strategy and new projects;
the company is too dependent on the founder. He can never take a longer vacation without making thorough preparations first, as the company is practically unable to function without him. This also complicates matters of succession or potential sale;
If tomorrow the founder were to be suddenly unavailable, this would lead to innumerable operational problems. These could even seriously jeopardize not only the company, but also the family;
the children lack the interest or ability to take over the family business within the next few years. He also realizes there is no real plan how to effectively change the situation;
individual family businesses are connected to each other by past commitments or guarantees, which can lead to problems spreading like wildfire across the whole family business;
the family business is already extensive and it's time to take a qualitative step forward in its management, structure and further development. The founder believes that "outside" inspiration would be helpful;
the family businesses are not ready to be taken over by a family member or professional management in the foreseeable future. They are not even ready to be sold for an interesting price;
the business has not resolved questions of owner representation or key persons. This clearly can lead to operational problems and in extreme cases to paralysis of the business or major damage;
the owner does not have faith in professional management. As he cannot find a way to control management, he condemns himself or other members of his family to endlessly participate in the leadership of the company;
The founder is too dependent on information given to him by management. He would like to have entirely objective information not influenced by the manager's subjective point of view;
The founder makes most key decisions in the company himself. He lacks an independent sparring partner with whom to discuss strategy and operational matters connected with the management of the company.

Business family

The goal is effective management of family assets and clearly set rules and relationships within the family and family matters and in this way support good family relationships and smooth succession in important roles in the family. The consistent isolation of family assets from business-related risks is essential.

We usually start addressing family issues with our clients when the family realizes that:

the vast majority of family assets are concentrated in the company, while its private assets are minimal. The family therefore is not secured if the business faces unexpected problems;
it is largely unclear how the family business would work if the founder were unavailable, especially as he is the only one with complete information as well as the right to act;
if the founder of the family business were unable to represent the interests of the family in the business, the family will be helpless and its property rights may be at grave risk;
if the founder is unable to represent the family's interests in the business, the family will be entirely confused, likely helpless and without effective tools to protect its interests;
the family lives a life of ease thanks to the support of many people. This may drastically change, however, if the founder is unavailable or unable to exercise his influence due to illness or absence;
the family's assets and lifestyle are closely connected with the business without being protected against the risks that threaten it and that could dramatically endanger the family and its assets;
the family holds significant assets, which were acquired at great effort. It is crucial to protect these from the outside world, but also from errors made by family members or their life partners;
there is no overview of the family's property and assets, and steps that need to be taken in case of unexpected situations in order to protect them and keep them in the family;
responsibility for the family is borne by the founder, who ensures its smooth running and support for its members, and deals with anomalous situations. This puts demands on him that he would like to begin to share at least partially;
the family would benefit from clearly defined rules and delegation of responsibilities and authorizations to individual members. It will bring them greater peace of mind and reduce the founder's responsibility;
relations within the family would benefit if it is clear what will happen after the founder's death. How will the assets be handled, but also who will take over his role;

"We are aware of our responsibilities towards companies and are happy that we can help."

Linka bezpečí

The largest and oldest child helpline in the Czech Republic. Every day over 700 children call 116 111 to confide about their problems or suffering. A team of professional consultants provides these children with assistance and support in difficult life situations, as well as emergency services and crisis intervention.

The helpline is operated by the Linka bezpečí Association, which in addition to the helpline also focuses on educational and publishing activities. Like most nonprofit organizations, it is largely dependent on financial aid from sponsors and donors. ROSE provides the helpline with free financial and economic advice and is also involved in concept and strategy development.


Sculpture Line

The largest sculpture festival in the Czech Republic, which now extends to neighboring countries. Every year the festival places large sculptures by Czech and international artists in the public spaces of cities, while also helping Czech artists establish themselves abroad. The festival's key task, however, is to enrich the public spaces of our cities and thus to support Czech culture.

ROSE helps coordinate the support offered by private citizens to the festival.


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